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Marius, you're late.

Enjolras watched Grantaire from the other side of the room. The dark-haired man was squirming against his bonds and scrunching his nose to try to move the blindfold from his eyes. He was beautifully naked. The blonde revolutionary ran his eyes across that body, pale skin, a small patch of curly black hair on his chest, his eyes slipped lower. A soft black trail of hair led down to further black curls, surrounding Grantaire’s thick member, which Enjolras noted with pleasure, was fully erect. The blindfolded man whimpered slightly “Enjolras?” He called out, nerves showing in his voice.

The blonde quickly made his way over, diverging himself of his clothes as he did, crawling over Grantaire. “I’m here” He breathed into the other’s ear. R desperately pushed his hips up, eager for friction. He found, to his displeasure, his hips were quickly pinned down. “Tch” The blonde mumbled “So eager, love. Don’t make me punish you.” He bit down on Grantaire’s neck, harshly, delighting in the half-moan, half-cry the man let out.

Enjolras smirked. This was going to be fun. 

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    "I slept wonderfully." He smiled and kissed him